The End Of America

Follow this link to an interview with Naomi Wolf, author of the book The End of America.

I have been reading some headlines about Naomi Wolf, but have not followed them up before.  I was sent the above link by reader GinnySL and was amazed at what I saw and heard.

In the interview Naomi Wolf mentions the link to the web site for the  documentary movie The End of America.

She also mentions the link to her web site My America Project.

Be forewarned. Naomi Wolf is as successful in imparting a sense of urgency about this crisis as George Bush was about the supposed crises that led us to the Iraq War, The Patriot Act, and the Financial Bailout Bill.

To back up her claim about the Bailout Bill she advised looking at the video of Representative Brad Sherman discussing threats of martial law.

Follow this link to an interview with Rep. Brad Sherman for a more complete exposition of what he said on the floor of the House of Representatives.

So remember to take a deep breath after viewing the videos and looking at the links.  Then do your own research to see if anything she says still makes sense to you.

For those of you that like to post comments on this blog, you can report back here what you have found.

What Barack Obama Should Have Said 1

The best way for me to express my reaction to the first Presidential debate is to state some of the things that I think Barack Obama should have said. Let me seed the discussion with a few items.  I will write it as the Obama part of a script.

I know that John is smart enough to know the difference between preparations and preconditions.  He knows exactly what I am talking about, but he keeps pretending I said something different.  Why can’t he just talk about our disagreements in an honest way?
The reason that we disagree on who understands the difference between tactics and strategy is that John McCain is not able to look beyond Iraq.  He keeps talking about the surge strategy.  To the issue of Iraq alone, that may be strategy.  However, in the really big picture, this is just a tactic for accomplishing limited goals in Iraq.  I am looking at accomplishing much larger goals in the entire world.
John says that the troops know that he will take care of them. How are they supposed to know this when he voted against supporting their benefits once they returned home?  It takes more than assurances of doing one thing and then voting the opposite way.  I am not discussing walking and talking, I am discussing the obstruction that you provided in Congress when Veterans’ welfare was at stake.
How can we take John’s assurances at face value when he has lied about so many things during this campaign?  Sure he was strongly opposed to torture when the spotlight was upon him. However, he backed down in the face of pressure from George Bush.  He allowed George Bush to define what was and wasn’t torture in direct contradiction to the obvious meaning of simple words that we all understand.  John was completely silent when George Bush did this. If John can’t take a stand when nobody is looking, how can we trust him?
John, you keep talking about how you visited here and you visited there as evidence of your experience. If you had come back from those visits and shown good judgment about what you learned there, than you would be making a fair point. However, when you visit someplace and come back with the wrong conclusions, and I don’t visit and come up with the right conclusions, what does that say about the value of your experience compared to my judgment?

You can add more to the discussion by making comments.  It will further the discussion much more if you make your comments on this blog rather than emailing them to me.

Katie Couric’s Interview With Sarah Palin 1

Follow this link to the interview with Sarah Palin conducted by Katie Couric.

I thank reader mixrecords for suggesting this link. I had not seen the interview until mixrecords sent me the link. I had given up on Katie Couric based on some of her earliest inteviews on the CBS Evening News. After seeing this interview I will have to re-evaluate what had been a low opinion of Couric’s interviewing skills.

Ukraine’s Pro-Western Government Collapses

Follow this link to the story on Huffington Post. The story takes on added significance after what happened in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia.

Follow this link to a comment that ties what is going on to the history of how World War I started. I am not enough of an expert in history to attest to this telling of the story. I just know enough for it to sound plausible.

It just shows that while military alliances can be necessary, they can also be dangerous.  If NATO doesn’t stop pressing for new members, is it going to lead us to war? Are we afraid to put the bakes on NATO for fear of being called cowardly and weak on defense?  Will we let this fear lead us to war instead of allowing us to break the chain of tit-for-tat?

See my posting on Tit-for-Tat and my posting about Georgia.  Scary, isn’t it?

McCain’s Radical Health Insurance Agenda 3

Follow this link to a column by Bob Herbert about McCain’s health insurance plan.

I must admit that I don’t pay much attentioin to what McCain has to say, but if this is truly his plan, your going to end up paying more for health insurance if McCain gets his way.  If this is true, his plan will discourage your employer from providing health insurance.  Instead you will get a $5,000 tax credit to pay for a family’s health insurance.  If that insurance in the private market costs you $10,000 or $12,000 per year, you take a hit in the wallet of over $5,000.  The only ones who come out ahead are the employers and the insurance companies.

If this is the kind of “help” you want, then go ahead and vote for McCain.

By the way, I wouldn’t keep linking to items in the New York Times if RichardH didn’t keep sending them to me. When he sends me something worth mentioning, I can’t pass it up.

Obama’s Ads on 09/12/2008

Follow this link for the ad titled Still.  This is the one where McCain admits he still doesn’t know how to use a computer.

Follow this link for the ad titled Real Change. Here Obama defines what he means by real change.

These are supposed to be examples of the new hard hitting ads that really take it to John McCain. Now I am really nervous about the Obama campaign. Does he really get it?

Follow this link to a pretty devastating analysis of the Obama campaign’s weak response. At some point it may be time to panic.  Are we there yet?

Follow this link to the interesting discussion that I started on the Obama site about the effectiveness of these ads.

Follow this link to the George Lakoff article mentioned in one of the responses in the above conversation. In the Lakoff article, he gives some excellent examples of how Obama should get away from McCain’s frame and onto the Obama frame.

If Obama must remain cerebral, how about an ad where Obama tells you that his ads are trying to get you to think and McCains ads are trying to get you to react?  Look where pure reaction has gotten us in the last 8 years or any time a Republican has been president in the last 28 years?

How about an ad where McCain is poking at a sleeping bear (Russia) and is totally surprised when it rears up and attacks him?  Maybe Sarah Palin poking at a moose would do it.