The Bushes and Hitler’s Appeasement

Follow this link to an article by Robert Parry that summarizes the case that the Bush family aided the Nazis before and during World War II.

I don’t claim to have any knowledge as to whether or not these charges are true. It would seem hard to make these charges backed up by public documents if they were not true. However, past history has shown that more blatant lies have propagated without any public media raising any question.

McCain Endorser Hagee: God Sent Hitler, Jews Have Dead Souls

Follow this link for some sound bites from Rev. Hagee’s sermons.

I have no reason to believe that these sound bites are any more representative of Hagee’s thoughts than were the sound bites of Rev. Wright.  The complete sermons and appearances of Rev. Wright that I have on this web site, show that the sound bites were completely wrong about Wright.

Since I  do not claim to be fair and balanced on this site, I leave it up to you to do the research on Rev. Hagee.  Maybe as proved to be true with Wright, he means the exact opposite of what these sounds bites appear to have him saying.

Excellent Defense Against the Effects of a Straw Man

Peggy Noonan has written this almost excellent article in the Wall Street Journal of all places.

If Rev. Wright were really the ogre that the media portrays him to be, then Noonan’s column would be a fine explanation of why that shouldn’t deter us from voting for Obama. However, Rev. Wright is not the person she assumes him to be. Why should we destroy Rev. Wright just so we can make a good point?

If she were the excellent writer she appears to be, it would have been nice if she could have made the point without buying into the anti-Wright propaganda. She could have said just what I said here. “If Wright were what the media portrayed him to be …”

Then she could have ended by saying that, in fact, Wright is the exact opposite of his portrayal.

Another way to look at what Noonan wrote is that it is an explanation of why some people hear hate in Rev. Wright’s sermons and speeches and some do not. Those who understand how to listen as she describes do not have their minds turned off by some of his remarks. They are then able to hear the whole message.

I understand the reaction of people who do not understand. At first, when I read Noonan’s article, I was so turned off by her opening remarks that I could not even read the rest of her column. I decided that it was silly to exhibit the same behavior that I was decrying. So I went back, and read the entire column. Because of that I was able to distinguish between the parts that I thought were valuable and the parts that I thought were wrong.

Please Help Fight Propaganda 2

I have realized that in all my posts about the Pastor Wright propaganda, I have missed one important piece.

I am asking you to help me fight this propaganda.

Please view as many of the videos in the following posts as you can:

After you are armed with the information from viewing the videos, respond to any posts or comment that you see on other blogs that are furthering the propaganda campaign. Try to enlist others in combating the propaganda just as I am trying to do here.

Even people who have been innocently misled by the propaganda campaign itself are furthering the propaganda by repeating what they think they have learned. Be nice about it, but try to correct their misunderstanding.

Am I The Lone Voice In The Wilderness

I was beginning to think that I was the lone voice crying out in the wilderness. I felt a little like the mythic boy who tried to put his finger in the dike to stop a flood.

I went to CBS’s web site to protest this evenings’ news. Remarkably they report that even among African Americans there is some displeasure with the Reverend Wright. Even many of these people have succumbed to the constant drum beat of the big lie promulgated by CBS news itself. They did not report on a single person who had obviously heard what Pastor Wright actually said and was thus able to resist the big lie. Is it a little hard to believe in this unanimity?

Surely there must be a few other people in the 300,000,000 in this country who have heard what I heard.

Even more remarkably I found this item by John Nichols that had been printed in The Nation. There is at least one other person in this world who appears to have actually listened to what Pastor Wright is saying.

At the National Press Club meeting and at the NAACP meeting, Pastor Wright received a huge round of applause at the end. What did these people hear that they thought was worthy of vociferous applause? Do you think the news media is even curious? Are you curious? How come we have not heard an opinion from a single person that attended these meetings?

By the way, several times at the National Press Club event, it was pointed out that there were many guests in attendance. It was the guests who were applauding, not the press corps. Only a few of the press corp applauded. What did that audience hear that the press corps did not? Why couldn’t the press corps hear the message that was actually delivered?

To be fair, I have received an email from Garland Bayley which expresses similar outrage to mine. I posted his email as a comment to a previous item.

I also can tell from the statistics on this web site that people are reading and following the links in my previous posts about this issue. The interview with Bill Moyers seems to be the most popular so far.

Have You Been Had 1

You have probably heard a few snippets of Pastor Jeremiah Wright’s speech at the NAACP’s Fight For Freedom Fund Dinner. Again, these snippets hardly do justice to him.

If you watch to the very end of part 6, you will see how well even CNN can cover the news when they really try.

Follow the links below to get yourself an education and an inspiration.

You Have Been Duped Again

If the main stream media duped you over what Jeremiah Wright said in his sermons, did you actually expect them to cover his rebuttal fairly? That would be awfully naive, wouldn’t it?

I have links to the first 5 parts of his appearance at the National Press Club. I have as yet been unable to get the rest of it. To see for yourself what the msm has falsified, view the video of his appearance by following the links below.

On May 10, I found the link to part 6.  If you read this item before May 10, then you might not have been able to see part 6.

The Foxification Of the News

I didn’t think it was possible, but the mainstream media has even Foxified its reporting of Bill Moyers’ interview with Reverend Wright. Even Keith Olbermann seems to have been duped by his own network’s reporting.

The mass duping of the of the public over Reverend Wright reminds me of the mass duping of the public in the run up to the Iraq War. If you were not smart enough at the time to realize what was happening, then don’t think that you are smart enough to understand the Reverend Wright story now.

Here is a link to a Buzzflash editorial and discussion that gets to some of the heart of the matter.