‘Major discovery’ from MIT primed to unleash solar revolution

Follow this link to read and hear about this discovery.

These kinds of discoveries are what makes it so important for this country to support scientific research.  Rather than the current administration who seems to be afraid of science, we need one that recognizes value when it sees it.

I’d much prefer to be an optimist about our future.  We have to always keep in mind that just because we do not know today how we will solve a problem does not mean that we will never know how to solve that problem.  We always need to keep looking for solutions.

Intelligent Falling

I just learned about the theory of Intelligent Falling as an explanation for gravity.  I can see that my education at MIT was sorely lacking for not covering this explanation along with Newton’s other theory of gravity and Einstein’s theory of general relativity.

Follow this link for Wikipedia’s exposition of the theory of Intelligent Falling.