From: Deval L. Patrick
Sent: Wednesday, May 30, 2012
Subject: Elizabeth Warren

Dear Friend,

Democrats are lucky to have two strong candidates running for the Party's nomination for United States Senate. Both are compelling people with a strong message. Both are working hard to earn a place on the ballot, and both are running positive campaigns. I wish them both well.

But today I am proud to endorse Elizabeth Warren.

I think you know how strongly I feel about the importance of campaigning and governing with a view toward our generational responsibility and the politics of conviction as our compass. Whether through her efforts in public life (through the creation of the Consumer Protection Agency and her commitment to reforms in our financial system) or in private life (through the generation of students she has inspired to seek social justice), Elizabeth has shown that she shares these values.

The American Dream defines what it means to be American. Yet for too many people in the Commonwealth today, the American Dream is up for grabs. Elizabeth has lived the American Dream, and knows that it is worth fighting for. She understands that government has a role to play, not in solving every problem in every person's life, but in helping people help themselves. We need her thoughtful, pragmatic, compassionate, and reasoned voice in the Senate now to restore that Dream and help put it back in reach of all Americans.

The reality is that her Republican opponent has made very different choices. Time and time again -- whether through his votes against summer jobs for our youth, against ending billions of dollars in subsidies to oil and gas companies, or allowing student loan interest rates to increase -- Scott Brown has shown he is willing to put the politics of convenience ahead of the people of Massachusetts. That has to end.

Elizabeth will put an end to that -- because she knows that this election is about you, not her. She has built a strong grassroots organization that reaches into every corner of the state, and she is working at that level, personally and through her team, to let people get to know her intellect and her heart and to listen for the wisdom of regular people. She knows that we have a stake in our neighbors' dreams and struggles as much as our own, and that making tough decisions now is the only way to make a better tomorrow. I ask you to help her help us by getting involved in the campaign, bringing others to the cause, and voting for Elizabeth in the primary and in November.

Consider starting by joining the Warren campaign's grassroots organizers at one of over 40 canvasses next week. It's a perfect way to hear from voters about the issues they care about most and to help to make this their campaign. Find out about a canvass near you here.

Elizabeth Warren shares the values you and I care about, and I believe she will be a tremendous Senator for this Commonwealth. I look forward to partnering with her as we continue our work to leave Massachusetts better and stronger for a generation to come.

Ever Forward,