Subject: I've stepped on some toes since coming to the Senate, but that's okay
Date:  Thu, 25 Jun 2015 07:27:38 -0400
From:  Senator Claire McCaskill <>
To:  Steve Greenberg


Dear Steven,

I haven't always made leaders in my party very happy, and I've stepped on some toes since coming to the Senate, but that's okay - I'm here to get results for you.

A new analysis by the Washington Post highlighted that fact when they ranked me among the most independent Senators - and one most likely to vote against my own party.

According to the analysis: ..."we looked at every vote taken in the House and Senate so far in the 114th Congress. We figured out the majority position for each party (in cases where it was not unanimous) and compared every member of each body's vote against the party majority." - Washington Post.

Here's a look at the results:

During my time in the Senate, I've fought to cap federal spending, abolish unnecessary federal agencies and end Congressional earmarks. It's those battles, which consistently find me ranked in the moderate middle, that help me achieve concrete results for Missourians - to expand job opportunities, cut wasteful spending, and help clean up Washington so folks have a little more confidence in their federal government.

All the best,

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