Elizabeth Warren’s Native American Heritage

With family trees so easy to research on the internet these days, I have been wondering why none of the newsmedia and none of the Republicans who brought up the issue could take us through the Elizabeth Warren Family tree to show us all the non-Native American ancestors in that tree.

I have stumbled around her family tree for a little bit today, and using the first source that I found, Ancestors Of Elizabeth Warren, I came across

  • John Huston Crawford, born on Mar. 26, 1858 in Missouri, USA and died on Jan. 23, 1924 in Hughes, Oklahoma, USA.
    • Bethanie Elvina Bethania Crawford, born on Oct. 29, 1875 in Lebanon, Laclede, Missouri, USA and died on Nov. 15, 1969 in Oklahoma City, Canadian, Oklahoma, USA.
      • Pauline Reed, born on Nov. 5, 1911 and died on Dec. 3, 1997 in Oklahoma City, Canadian, Oklahoma, USA.
        • Elizabeth Warren, neé Elizabeth Herring, born June 22, 1949 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

My daughter, ShelahJ, used her account with Ancestry.com to corroborate some of the information from Ancestors Of Elizabeth Warren. She did not do an exhaustive check, but she found no contradictions to what she did look at.

According to the original source Ancestors Of Elizabeth Warren, the reference for John Huston Crawford was Census 1900 Township 10 N. Range 25 E., Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory Crofford.

There are 4 John Crawford’s listed in that census, but I haven’t quite made a match to the one that is Elizabeth Warren’s ancestor. All of these John Crawfords are listed as Indian.

Is there a genealogy expert in the audience who could help?

Here are two references that claim to debunk the idea that John H Crawford was Native American – Part 1 and Part 2.

This is the 1900 census record that Polly’s Granddaughter thinks is Elizabeth Warren’s ancestor.

There is no daughter Behanie born in 1875, but perhaps she moved out by 1900. This John Crofford was born in March of 1857 not March of 1858, but it is the closest match that I have been able to find to the John Huston Crawford of Ancestors Of Elizabeth Warren.

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