NBC’s Kelly Hits Putin with a Beloved Canard

Consortium News has the Ray McGovern article NBC’s Kelly Hits Putin with a Beloved Canard.

For instance, on May 8, in testimony before a Senate Judiciary subcommittee, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper conceded publicly that the number of intelligence agencies involved in the assessment was three, not 17, and that the analysts assigned to the project from CIA, FBI and NSA had been “handpicked.”

On May 23, in testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, former CIA Director John Brennan confirmed Clapper’s account about the three agencies involved. “It wasn’t a full inter-agency community assessment that was coordinated among the 17 agencies,” Brennan acknowledged.

Here is a YouTube video to back up this part of what Ray McGovern said in his article.

Follow this link to some posts that debunk other parts of the Russian hacking propaganda.

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