New National Defense Strategy: Arms Race and Great Power Conflict

Clearing The Fog Radio has the podcast New National Defense Strategy: Arms Race and Great Power Conflict.

The new National Defense Strategy announced last week moves from the ‘war on terror’ toward conflict with great powers. The move from military conflict against non-state actors, i.e. ‘terrorists’, to great power conflict means more military hardware, massive spending on weapons and a new arms race. We speak with Nicolas Davies and Mike Whitney about reasons for the change in defense strategy, the broad impacts it will have and how it will affect areas of conflict around the world.

There is just so much great analysis in this podcast, that I am glad I stumbled onto this. The first interview where the discussion was about US empire clarified a lot of issues for me. Of course, now that I am about 20% into The Pentagon Papers, I see the USA empire issue so much more clearly. The second interview that talked about Syria and North Korea helped clarify those issues for me too.

There is a companion piece on Popular Resistance titled New Defense Strategy: War With Great Nations & Arms Race that is written by Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers who are the hosts in the above podcast.

The Consortium News article by Nicolas J.S. Davies is A National Defense Strategy of Sowing Global Chaos.

I have found the Mike Whitney Archive on The Unz Review.

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