Skripals poisoned from front door of Salisbury home, police say

The Guardian has the article Skripals poisoned from front door of Salisbury home, police say .

Detectives investigating the attempted murders of Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia Skripal have said they believe the pair were poisoned with a nerve agent at the front door of his Salisbury home.

Specialists investigating the poisoning of the the Skripals have found the highest concentration of the nerve agent on the front door at the address, police said.

If you were a reporter/editor with the most meager qualifications for your job, this story would raise a lot of questions that you would pose in this incredulous article.

How would the would be assassin know that the Skirpal’s would be using their front door? As an owner of a home with an attached garage, I seldom use the front door because I usually enter and exit my house through the garage.

How could the would be assassin know that there wouldn’t be many others dropping dead from the poison? Do they not have door-to-door sales people, religious proselytizers, mail and package deliverers, newspaper deliverers, nor household staff in England? Any of these people would have been similarly poisoned and dropping like flies.

Do the British authorities think their story is so credible, that nobody is going to scoff at this naive explanation?

April 11, 2018 4:35 PM

I just read and posted about the article Liars Lying About Nearly Everything.

As the latest British account of the location of the alleged poison places it on the door handle of the Skripals’ residence, the timetable element is also unconvincing. That means that the two would have spent three hours, including a stop at a pub and lunch, before succumbing on a park bench. Military grade nerve agents kill instantly and this one is said to be 8 times more powerful than VX.

I hadn’t even thought about this issue when I first posted this post.

Oliver Green in conversation with Steve Keen, Contrarian Economist and Author

YouTube has the video Oliver Green in conversation with Steve Keen, Contrarian Economist and Author.

This is an excellent talk on the consequences of public debt and private debt. Steve has to fight the interviewer a tad because the interviewer doesn’t ever get it completely, although he thinks he does.

This is the best talk I have heard from Steve Keen. All the other ones I have seen have been talks about his Minsky Computer Model that get so deep in the weeds that I get lost. I think I have maybe as high as a 90% understanding of this talk. It explains the issue about private debt, and at the very end even talks about a solution that will never get implemented and one that will be forced upon us.

Monopoly Capitalism: At The Breaking Point?

Naked Capitalism has the article Monopoly Capitalism: At The Breaking Point?

Laura Flanders: Monopoly capitalism and models of resistance. This week, author Michael Hudson on Donald Trump’s fake economics, and Stacy Mitchell from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, with Joe Maxwell of Family Farm Action, on the threat of Amazon to just about everything. It’s all coming up on the Laura Flanders Show, the place where the people who say it can’t be done take a back seat to the people who are doing it. Welcome.

This is somewhat of an antidote to the tripe in the article “Trade War or Not, China Risks a ‘Minsky Moment’

Trade War or Not, China Risks a ‘Minsky Moment’

Naked Capitalism has the article Trade War or Not, China Risks a ‘Minsky Moment’,

But in spite of signs of renewed economic activity in March, the country’s debt build-up has provoked increasing concern amongst Beijing’s policy makers, as it points to an underlying long-term financial fragility, particularly if trade war pressures intensify. Just last October during the Communist Party Plenary, Zhou Xiaochuan, then head of the country’s central bank, warned of a “Minsky moment“:

“When there are too many pro-cyclical factors in an economy, cyclical fluctuations will be amplified. If we are too optimistic when things go smoothly, tensions build up, which could lead to a sharp correction, what we call a ‘Minsky Moment’. That’s what we should particularly defend against.”

I just don’t get this debt worry for China. The economy as a whole holds massive reserves including in US dollars. Its massive trade surplus and massive holdings of reserves means that its growth is subsidized by the Chinese government. If the importing nations no longer want the Chinese subsidy, China can turn the subsidy around and use it in the domestic economy.

I have never understood how people can believe in MMT in one part of their brain, and then worry about Chinese debt in another part of their brain. I would very much appreciate someone making an explanation of how these two opposing ideas can be reconciled.

Milton Friedman’s ” The Role of Monetary Policy” – 50 Years Later

Naked Capitalism has the article Milton Friedman’s ” The Role of Monetary Policy” – 50 Years Later.

You can read all the professional remarks without ever seeing a mention of the obvious that I see.

What happened to Keynes’ insight that putting liquidity out there is like pushing on a string as long was there is no demand for investment? If the spenders, the middle-class, are not getting the money, there will be slack consumer demand. With the increasing size of the Chinese economy and its tendency to suck up all manufacturing as an excuse to keep salaries low, I don’t know how much of Friedman’s analysis can apply anymore. None of the forces driving the world economy now were large enough to have an impact when Friedman looked at the data.

It just amazes me that we can have these economic discussions without ever mentioning the elephant in the room.

UK government deletes tweet about Russian spy’s poisoning

CNN has the article UK government deletes tweet about Russian spy’s poisoning.

Britain’s claim that Moscow was behind the poisoning of a former Russian spy faced fresh scrutiny Wednesday when it emerged the UK government had deleted a tweet blaming Russia for producing the nerve agent used in the attack.

This English bicycle is being back pedaled so fast, that the feet on the pedals are a blur.

On the other hand, never let it be said that the English bulldog will change its mind despite the evidence or lack thereof.

The Foreign Office spokesperson said the decision to delete the tweets did not change the UK government’s assessment that Russia was responsible for the “brazen and reckless act” of poisoning the Skripals.

This last quote shows that the British government has no sense of shame at all. Laughing is now permitted.

The British delegation to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) slammed a Russian proposal for a joint investigation into the incident as “perverse,” describing it as a “diversionary tactic” aimed at evading questions over Moscow’s alleged role in the attack.

Bernie’s Economist Explains Why We Can Actually Have Nice Things

YouTube has the video Bernie’s Economist Explains Why We Can Actually Have Nice Things.

Stephanie Kelton served as an economic advisor on the Bernie Sanders 2016 presidential campaign. But she differs with her former boss (with whom she also worked in the U.S. Senate) on a key economic positioning point—it is not necessary to couple “taxing the rich” with investment in the American economy or in the American people.

This should be simple enough for everyone to understand. Maybe even a politician could understand this.

Doing What the Market Can’t

New Economic Perspectives has the article Doing What the Market Can’t.

The only real option, therefore, is to eliminate the semantic mistakes, overcome the delusion, and begin thinking and talking about direct sovereign spending to achieve the essential but unprofitable goals of America’s democracy. Please note this does not require progressive leaders to disparage, in any way, the Market Economy. Indeed, they can earnestly champion and cherish it just as loudly as any conservative. Now, however, they can add the proposition that the Market Economy, so effective at providing America with much of what it needs and desires, will have a partner which can effectively provide the rest.

This goes along with my idea of “what worksism”. Let the “market” or “capitalism” do what it is capable of doing, and then add on whatever extras are needed in order to accomplish what “capitalism” is not capable of doing.

If you don;t already understand Modern Money Theory, then you won’t understand this article.

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower reveals shocking claim his predecessor was poisoned and police bribed

Business Insider has the article Cambridge Analytica whistleblower reveals shocking claim his predecessor was poisoned and police bribed.

He paints a picture of a lawless organization seeking to disrupt elections around the world.
He claims his predecessor was poisoned and the police were bribed not to investigate, though he described those claims as speculation.

WikiPedia has an entry for Cambridge Analytica.

Cambridge Analytica (CA) is a British political consulting firm which combines data mining, data brokerage, and data analysis with strategic communication for the electoral process. It was started in 2013 as an offshoot of the SCL Group. The company is partly owned by the family of Robert Mercer, an American hedge-fund manager who supports many politically conservative causes. The firm maintains offices in London, New York City, and Washington, D.C

Which side of the political spectrum seems to have verifiable evidence of election tampering and which side is more likely to use assassination by poisoning? Would it be Russia that the right wing is trying to demonize, or would it be the right wing that is trying to demonize Russia. Where do they get these ideas of what crimes to try to pin on Russia? These are crimes they have committed themselves. They know how horrible it would be if they were exposed as having committed these crimes.

Global Capitalism: March 2018 Live Economic Update

Democracy At Work has the video Global Capitalism: March 2018 Live Economic Update.

Our goal: To develop all participants’ understanding and ability to explain current economic events and trends to others. We open the floor to questions and comments when time permits.

There are a lot of subjects covered, and lots of good information along the way. At the very end, he gives hints of what Socialism will look like in the 21st century compared to what it has looked like over the last 150 years. He hinted at the idea of bringing Socialism to the work place as the missing part of the previous attempts at Socialism. As he mentioned, it takes many iterations to get a new system “perfected”. He mentioned that it took capitalism about 10 iterations to get it to work. So, if this will be the second iteration of Socialism, I think that this second one won’t end up being the ultimate solution. It is easy to talk about bringing Socialism to the organization of the work place, but I think it is going to take a lot of trial and error to get it right.

I hope it is going to be possible to try Socialism in the work place on small scale efforts (sort of like alpha and beta tests of software and other products) before turning the entire world into this new organization.