How Olbermann Missed the Boat on FISA

Keith Olbermann had a special comment on how Obama should handle the vote on the FISA bill.

Follow this link to see the special comment. The comment was made at the beginning of the July 4 recess and before the Senate actually got to vote on the bill.

Olbermann missed the boat in several ways. I’ll point out just two items.

The best political idea was to force the Republicans to vote against the FISA bill that was missing telco immunity.

Olbermann and John Dean think that the fact that there is no immunity from criminal prosecution makes the civil immunity almost worthless. He thinks this is a big mistake that the Republicans made in writing the immunity clauses.

He needs to think about how the criminal prosecution involving the telcos will proceed. Some one person, either low down in the hierarchy or high up, could be charged with a crime. The telco for which that person works will cut this person loose as far as providing any legal or financial support to fight the charges. The telcos will deny all responsibility for what the individual did. Other than losing an employee to jail time, the telcos will suffer no loss from what they may have done.

As usual, the wrong person will suffer for what has been done. Apparently the Republicans are cleverer than Olbermann and Dean give them credit for.

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