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Change We Can Disbelieve 1

Sarcasm Warning on!

We have two oilmen in the White House, George Bush and Dick Cheney.  We see what a mess their energy policy has made for most people (except for oilmen).

What we need now is an oilwoman in the White House to straighten things out. We have seen how people intimately connected to profiting from oil sales can think strategically about energy policy.

Maybe this is like the old  hangover remedy. More of the hair of the dog that bit you.

Sarcasm Warning Off!

Sure she stood up to the oil companies.  Her complaint was that Alaska wasn’t getting enough of the take from the oil profits and the oil companies weren’t taking oil out of the ground  fast enough.

Sarcasm Warning on!

It’s like a drug street dealer standing up to the drug supplier because there wasn’t  enough drugs to push and the cut to the street dealer wasn’t big enough. In a Bush/McCain administration this would be a recommendation for a position of Drug Czar.

In this case the Governor is pushing oil. She might be put in charge of energy policy.

Sarcasm Warning Off!

It is clear that Barack Obama was right.  John McCain just doesn’t get it.

‘Major discovery’ from MIT primed to unleash solar revolution

Follow this link to read and hear about this discovery.

These kinds of discoveries are what makes it so important for this country to support scientific research.  Rather than the current administration who seems to be afraid of science, we need one that recognizes value when it sees it.

I’d much prefer to be an optimist about our future.  We have to always keep in mind that just because we do not know today how we will solve a problem does not mean that we will never know how to solve that problem.  We always need to keep looking for solutions.

Night Two Of The Convention

I watched the whole thing on CSPAN from 5:00 PM to past 11:00 PM ET.

Toward the middle it started to get a little boring, but the A-Team started coming out toward the end and things really picked up.

If you missed any of it, I think it is all there on CSPAN on the web.

Follow this link to CSPAN’s coverage of the convention.  If you don’t need some bone head pundit or reporter to tell you what you are seeing with your very own eyes, why watch any other channel than CSPAN?


The ticket is Obama/Biden.

Follow this link to see CSPAN’s coverage of the speeches in Springfield, Illinois.

Follow this link to see CNN’s coverage. The video may be better than CSPAN’s.

I know I said I was angry at Obama over his FISA vote and would look for another candidate at the convention.  After seeing Obama and Biden today, I am back onboard the Obama/Biden train.

It was clear from Biden’s speech today what a great addition he is to the ticket.  Besides all the substantive contributions he can make to the administration, he will make a great running mate. Obama needed a running mate that could say the things that Biden said.  Biden can tell us why he thinks Obama is the one to elect in a way that Obama could not.  It looks much better to have someone else tout your virtues than doing it yourself.


That's The Ticket