Could the Obama Campaign Be Improved?

Follow this link to the brilliant article from George Lakoff explaining why McCain is winning and Obama is losing this phase of the campaign. After you read this, you will know exactly what has to be done.  One can only hope that the Obama team reads it and wakes up.

In this article he puts some real meat onto his theories of Framing.  He discusses how brilliantly Obama ran his campaign to win the nomination.  He discusses how he seems to have lost his way.

I thought of another example that Lakoff does not mention.  If you watched the 2004 Democratic Convention, they did a devastating job of attacking George Bush.  I believe that Bush went way down in the polls after the convention.

After that great performance, Kerry decided that he would stop attacking Bush and start being cool and statesmanlike. Things turned around pretty quickly when Kerry turned off the heat.  Instead, he should have turned up the heat on the successful strategy that had gotten him to where he was.

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