Ukraine’s Pro-Western Government Collapses

Follow this link to the story on Huffington Post. The story takes on added significance after what happened in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia.

Follow this link to a comment that ties what is going on to the history of how World War I started. I am not enough of an expert in history to attest to this telling of the story. I just know enough for it to sound plausible.

It just shows that while military alliances can be necessary, they can also be dangerous.  If NATO doesn’t stop pressing for new members, is it going to lead us to war? Are we afraid to put the bakes on NATO for fear of being called cowardly and weak on defense?  Will we let this fear lead us to war instead of allowing us to break the chain of tit-for-tat?

See my posting on Tit-for-Tat and my posting about Georgia.  Scary, isn’t it?

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