Senator John Kerry, Almost Republican, From Massachusetts

My Senator, John Kerry, sent me a link to view his question and answer session.

It is at 2:51 into the video that I realized that Kerry has turned Republican.

On YouTube, I have posted the comment:

Senator Kerry ought to consult with some real economists – Krugman, Stiglitz, Kuttner, Tyson, Reich, Galbraith and the like to find out what this economy really needs for job creation. That is economic demand from the middle class. That is what is missing. A big part of that is the money shifted to the ultra-wealthy, Sen. Kerry, from the Bush tax cuts.

As suggested in the video, I have already sent a couple of questions to Senator Kerry about his false understanding of how to get the economy moving again. How about you? Send questions to

Since posting “Aftershock: The Next Economy and America’s Future”, I have come to realize that even many of the Democrats don’t seem to get the point that putting more purchasing power into the hands of the middle class is the only way to get a self-sustaining recovery. What Kerry mentions as solutions to high unemployment miss the mark by a mile.

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I almost forgot to mention the post Higher Marginal Tax Rates Spur Economic Growth

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