Senator Scott Brown, Please Respond To My Pleas About the Economy

Here is a message I just emailed to Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts.

I am not surprised, but I am disappointed in your stance.

You have taken an adamant stand against the only thing that can rescue our economy. We must raise taxes on the wealthy for several reasons.

1. We need the revenue

2. Putting such a disproportionate amount of money in the hands of the wealthy makes it impossible for us to have a sustained jobs recovery.

3. Cutting spending will sink the economy into a second recession and actually cause the deficit to rise.

Your actions are totally inconsistent with your stated goals.

Please educate yourself on macro-economics. You are making huge decisions about a very technical matter for which you are ill prepared.

In a previous telephone message, I asked Scott Brown to give me some hint that he understands the principles of macro-economics. Nothing he has done or said so far leaves me the slightest indication that he knows what he is doing when it comes to making decisions on the economy.

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