Jobs Not Cuts Event

MoveOn is sponsoring a series of Jobs Not Cuts Events across the country. I am going to one such event in Springfield at Rep. Richard Neal’s office.

I have prepared some signs for the occasion.

The protest/street demonstration was an exhilarating experience. There were a dozen or so present on a main thoroughfare in Springfield, Massachusetts in front of the federal courthouse during rush hour.

We received innumerable horn honks and thumbs up of approval. We got one dissenting voice. This kind of action is far more visible than a private house party among like minded people. This visibility will do more to show people that you can protest than any hidden away house party.

The local television station sent out a reporter and cameraman. I won’t be able to see if we made the news because it was a Faux Noise station that has a parental block on it on my cable-TV. (I am the parent who blocked it.) I printed up the five most visible signs as shown above. It’s funny that the reporter talked to several people, but she did not talk to me as I held up the “Wealth Tax Creates Jobs” sign. Is anybody surprised?

I was getting such a response from the signs, I even got one honk from someone in a Cadillac, that I did not have time to put my sign down and take pictures of the event.

The resident security officer came out to ask questions for the report she had to file. We even had a police car marked “Homeland Security” there.

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