Elizabeth Warren – Coming Home

Elizabeth Warren has posted a long piece, Coming Home,  on the blog Blue Mass Group. Her post ends with the following hopeful sign:

In the weeks ahead, I want to hear from you about the challenges we face and how we get our economy growing again.  I also want to hear your ideas about how we can fix what all of us – regardless of party – know is a badly broken political system.  In Washington, I saw up close and personal how much influence special interests have over our law-making, and I saw just how hard it is for families to be heard.  I want to hear your thoughts about how we can make sure that our voices –our families, our friends, and our neighbors — are heard again.

We have a lot of work to do in our commonwealth and our country.  We need to rebuild our economy family by family and block by block.  We need to create new jobs and to fix our broken housing market.  We need to make sure that there is real accountability over Wall Street and that the greed and recklessness that created the last financial crisis do not create the next one.  We need to restore the hope of a secure retirement and the promise of a good education.  We need to stop measuring our economy by profits and executive compensation at our largest companies and start measuring it by how many families can stand securely in the middle class.

I am glad to be back home.  And I’m looking forward to discussing with you what we can accomplish together.

How I wish Elizabeth Warren were our Senator and on the Gang of 12 Super Congress right now.  As a separate item, Call to Crypto-Republican Senator John Kerry – Not Reassuring, I have put a link to a post about a phone call to Senator Kerry’s office that will explain the previous wish.

I hate to be a party pooper, but Elizabeth Warren does have to be aware of how the opposition will come after her. Just take a look at the reader reaction on The Boston Herald‘s web site in the comments on the story, Elizabeth Warren explores run vs. Scott Brown.

It just occurred to me to compare the lead in to the article with Warrren’s careful omission of her academic connection in her post.   The Boston Herald article starts with:

Harvard University law professor Elizabeth Warren has hired Gov. Deval Patrick’s campaign architect Doug Rubin and is reaching out to other top Democrats as she explores a possible run against U.S. Sen. Scott Brown.

They do seem to get in all the buzz words needed to rile their readers – Harvard, law professor, Deval Patrick, top Democrats.   Her role as “top consumer protection adviser” has to wait until the second paragraph where they are careful to connect her to Obama.  The fact that both Senate Republicans and Obama were afraid of her might work in her favor.

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