Representative Jan Schakowsky Introduces Plan to Create 2.2 Million Jobs

Thom Hartmann’s broadcast starts with the news Jan Schakowsky Introduces Plan to Create 2.2 Million Jobs.

The whole report is in the first 1 minute and 8 seconds of the video below.

The transcript of this segment is:

While Republicans are on vacation watching the economy tank due to THEIR economic polices and have yet to put forward an actual plans to create jobs – one Democrat IS focusing on jobs. Yesterday – Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky introduced a plan that will create 2.2 million jobs over the next year and lower the unemployment rate below 8%. Remember – the debt-limit deal that Boehner said he got 98% of what he wanted in the debt-limit deal last week – will LOSE 1.8 millions jobs over the next two years. Schakowsky’s plan CREATES hundreds of thousands of jobs in several different areas – such as school improvement – neighborhood revitalization – healthcare expansion – and environmental protection. Her bill also extends unemployment benefits and protects the 99ers. And she funds this job-creating machine by raising taxes on millionaires and billionaires. This is exactly what America needs to get us out of this second Republican Great Depression.

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