The Biggest Little Hypocrite in Texas

I picked out to post here just a couple of paragraphs from the article The Biggest Little Hypocrite in Texas.

The price of oil rose from $25 a barrel when Lt. Gov. Perry replaced the newly elected President Bush to $147 in 2008 and has stayed at more than $80 a barrel since, to the dismay of anyone who has to buy gasoline.

From the first days of statehood in 1845, Texas has maintained the strictest laws on home mortgages in the nation. The Texas constitution’s blanket ban on home equity loans, born of outrage over previous land grabs by banks, has been eased substantially over the years, but a firm commitment that the total amount in loans on a house not exceed 80 percent of appraised value, and other consumer-friendly restrictions on mortgage lenders, saved Texas from the home mortgage disaster visited upon many other states.

Of course a few facts won’t stop the American electorate from being fooled again, this time by George W. Bush’s successor as Governor of Texas.  It’s a good thing Bush mangled the old saw about being fooled twice, lest people be able to apply it to Governors from Texas.  I heard that Perry is just like George W. Bush, but without Bush’s intelligence and ethics.

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