With ‘listening tour,’ Warren tests waters for a Senate run

For those of you hungering for news about Elizabeth Warren, there is With ‘listening tour,’ Warren tests waters for a Senate run in The Boston Globe.

Will she be another Martha Coakley?

Those in attendance at a Dorchester home Monday night said she sprinkled her answers with punchy words about her time in Washington, where she fought for legislation creating a consumer protection bureau for President Obama in the aftermath of the banking crisis.

“She either wanted to get the bill as it was written or she wanted to leave with no bill but with ‘blood and teeth on the floor,’ ’’ said Joyce Linehan, a Dorchester activist who hosted the event at her home, where about 60 people shared Italian sandwiches and beer. “And for some reason, my friends have glommed onto that one [line] like no other.’’

As I said before, she’d better be careful to not be too rough on Senator Brown.  He’ll bring out that Jackie Cooper look and whine about how mean a grandmother Elizabeth Warren is.  (Or some kind of mother word for sure)

Jackie Cooper pout

ANother of Jackie Cooper's famous pouts

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