Labor Day: Obama Previews Jobs Plan in Detroit

You can watch  Obama Previews Jobs Plan in Detroit on C-SPAN’s web site.

To give you a little guidance, Obama appears at about 16 minutes into the video.  He starts his speech at about 17:35.  He talks about his plans for the Thursday speech at about 28:00 minutes into the video.

All I can say is that I wish we had this guy as our current President.  If a guy who behaved like this guy talked were our President, we’d have our economic problems licked in no time.

When this guy gets off the podium, who is it that is in Washington being President?

This guy has to tell the President that this kind of talk can’t be made just once a year.  It has to be an ongoing theme every minute of every day.  There are people trying to counter these ideas every minute of every day.  Part of the President’s job is to make sure that nothing goes unanswered in this fight for the middle-class.

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