Democrat Warren to announce Senate candidacy targeting Scott Brown

The Boston Globe coverage of the announcement is Democrat Warren to announce Senate candidacy targeting Scott Brown.  At least for now, you can view it without having to have a subscription to the newspaper.

A senior campaign adviser has confirmed to the Globe that Warren will launch her candidacy by greeting voters across the state, beginning with a morning visit to a Boston MBTA station. She will then head to New Bedford, Framingham, Worcester, and Springfield, making similar appearances shaking hands and greeting voters.

I cannot find a clue as to where exactly she will be making appearances.

Her exploratory committee web site is  Just about the only thing you can do on her website at the moment is to sign up for notifications or to donate.

There is an Elizabeth Warren Facebook page which seems to have significant activity.  You do not have to have your own Facebook page to view hers.

I have been posting everything I can on her Facebook page urging her to tell us where she will be and what we can do to help. See the discussion Topic: How To Help The Campaign

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