Indecision 1776 – Ye Cobblestone Road to the White House – Rick Perry Beatdown

Is Jon Stewart still stuck in that crazy world where our politicians are expected to make sense?

I particularly liked one of the comments on The Daily Show web site.

The audience at these debates is way scarier than the idiots on stage (even though one of those cretins could end up president…).

There is also something to be said for the comment by RajV on The New York Times blog.

The attitude of the audience and that of the speakers barring CNN’s Wolfe was utterly shameful, and clearly shows why these jokers should not be allowed within 100 feet of the White House, at the risk of destroying everything that this country stands for.

The moderator may want to ask Rick Perry his views on the breathtakingly ignorant, fundamentally-inspired revisions of science and social studies textbooks in Texas, thanks to his political appointees, and if he plans to promote such colossal classroom ignorance on the national stage. His fundamentalist past is a liability to the Republican party. He and Bachmann should be soundly rejected as a lesson to the Christian Taliban in this country.

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