Obama Co-Opts the Labor Movement

The article Obama Co-Opts the Labor Movement is on the Truth Out web site.

I’ll quote two of the incendiary paragraphs in the hope that you will be enticed to read the article.

Before Obama’s so-called big job speech, the AFL-CIO was demanding – as part of their America Wants to Work Action Plan – a job program that would put to work the “… 25 million people in America who need full-time work …” This was to be done by investing “… at least $2.2 trillion in repairing our crumbling 20th century infrastructure and another $2 trillion building a modern clean energy infrastructure for the 21st century.” These numbers accurately reflect the needs of millions of working people while taking into consideration the gigantic shift in our economy necessary to help prevent future environmental disasters.

Without substantially raising taxes on the rich – not simply eliminating the Bush tax cuts – enough jobs cannot be created for all who need them. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid cannot be salvaged either, without raising taxes on the rich, not to mention dealing with the federal, state and local budget deficits. Massive demonstrations must be organized to demand these actions; pleading with Democrats has failed miserably and consequently has weakened the labor movement at a time when there is no time to waste. The only way to bypass the “bi-partisan bickering” in Washington, DC, is to hit the streets with solid demands; politicians will either follow suit or be trampled on.

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