DOJ Says They’ve Debunked The ‘$16 Muffin’ Myth

In the article DOJ Says They’ve Debunked The ‘$16 Muffin’ Myth, the cost is explained.

“The package consisted of food, beverages, staff services and function space, including a 450-seat ballroom and more than a dozen workshop and breakout rooms each of the five days of the conference.”

This answer is so obvious, one wonders how the DOJ’s Inspector General could have been so silly as to make the accusation in the first place.  Imagine an Inspector General going after this kind of stuff when we have issues of past corruption and approval of torture in the DOJ.  I guess any little thing that will distract from the real issues is what the Inspector General’s job requires.

As I watched CBS new anchor Scott Pelley repeat the charge on several nights, I wondered about his competence.  Is it possible to  suppose a person in his position has never been to a large social function to see the resources that a hotel puts out to host a large gathering before they even set out the food?

Surely not.  So you know that when Scott Pelley sits there and says these things with a straight face, that he is pulling your leg.  This kind of “understanding” of what they report is what has turned me off from watching Scott Pelley’s previous program 60 Minutes. I can’t remember when it was that I finally got sick and tired of 60 Minutes.  It must be 20 to 30 years ago.

For a brief while after I decided to give Pelley another chance by watching CBS Evening News, I thought that Pelley might have left behind the shenanigans of 60 Minutes.  What a forlorn hope that a news anchor could exhibit half the intelligence of most of his audience.

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