Elizabeth Warren Endorsed By Russ Feingold

Talking Points Memo has the story Elizabeth Warren Endorsed By Russ Feingold.

“In all my years in the Senate, I always took positions that I believed in, even when my own party tried to stand in the way,” Feingold writes. “I know Elizabeth will be exactly the same kind of senator.”

Sometimes I would get upset with Feingold for opposing some of Obama’s initiatives.  I don’t know if his opposition did more good than harm.  Perhaps he understood Obama’s failings better than I did.

Thinking back to my days as a supervisor/manager, I remember that when you have a failing employee, you need to start discussing the problems with that employee as soon as possible.  If it should get to the point where you have to fire the employee, it should come as no surprise to the employee.  If you didn’t give the employee plenty of opportunities to correct the troublesome performance, then you have failed as a supervisor/manager.

Likewise, all of us who held our tongues when Obama failed us time and again were failing as the voters who elected him.  It shouldn’t have taken three years for us to deliver the message loud and clear that Obama was in danger of being fired.  Yes, it shouldn’t have taken Obama three years to appear to come to his senses.  We may both bear some blame for the delay that may cost him his job.

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