Extended Interview of Ron Paul

On The Daily Show, Jon Stewart did an extended interview with Ron Paul.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Occasionally, Jon Stewart gets a word in edgewise to challenge Ron Paul. Ron Paul’s ideas would work so well if only people didn’t act the way they actually do. This is usually the knock on Socialism. In fact the problem applies to any extreme system that requires people to behave in an idealized way.

Sure I can insist on a libertarian system where my property rights are sacrosanct. What do I do if a person with a gun tries to take away my rights? Must I engage in a gunfight, or can I depend on the police department provided by the government that my fellow citizens and I set up in advance to handle this type of problem?

What if a major corporation with billions of dollars of resources tries to take away my property? What chance do I have to fight them off by myself?

If it takes this little thinking about fairly simple situations to see the flaws in Ron Paul’s ideal system, how well would it work when the issues get far more complicated?

As They get older, most people get over these notions of ideal people working in an ideal system. It took Alan Greenspan until well into his 80s or was it 90s before he finally saw the flaws in his similar ideas to Ron Paul’s. Give Paul another 20 years, and maybe he will come to his senses, too.

It is fun to discuss the ideal. I did it in my blog post, Imagine – Total Automation. After the ideal case reveals the upper limits on the possibilities, you need to get back to the real world to discuss what you might actually be able to implement.

Ron Paul does not seem to understand the place of the idealized system with respect to the real world.

And then again, some of his ideas are flat out wrong. Anything he says about the economy, especially the fed, is flat out wrong.

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