Republican Saboteurs Go After The Post Office

The article I finally decided to read after passing it up many time was headlined Postal Service Employees Rally to End Manufactured Crisis. Perhaps the following is the money quote from the article:

Brechin says Congress has successively demanded that the USPS run itself more like a business since making it a quasi-corporation in 1971. “For the free-market fundamentalists, the idea that anything should be government, anything should be in the public domain is absolutely anathema,” he says. “They want to get rid of everything. I think the postal reform act in 2006, which most of us never heard about, was a back door way to destroy the postal service. It seems to be deliberate.”

I have been passing up reading stories like the one with the headline above because I figured I already knew what was in them.  Of course the union is going to complain about the job cuts, not news.

For some reason I did look at the story in my previous post, Who Woulda Thought – A Manufactured ‘Crisis’ At The Post Office which pointed to an article with a more innocuous headline A Manufactured ‘Crisis’: Congress Can Let The Post Office Save Itself Without Mass Layoffs Or Service Reductions.

In that previous post, I did a little leg work to see who was in power when this legislation was passed.  I just wanted to be sure, but it came as no surprise.   The Republicans controlled the House, the Senate, and the Presidency.

I am hoping the headline of this post will finally be enough to alert people that there is actually a story here that they might not have imagined.

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