Meet The Democratic U.S. Senate Candidates

Meet The Democratic U.S. Senate Candidates on the WBUR web site gives:

Ahead of their first debate on Tuesday, here’s a primer on the six (down from seven) candidates running in the U.S. Senate Democratic primary.

My highly biased assessment from a quick look at the info on this web page (without following the links to more info) is:

Elizabeth Warren thinks “We need to be able to invent things, make things, and sell things to the rest of the world.”  She gets this aspect of the problem, 1 point for her.

As she has said and needs to be quoted here, companies need customers for them to
want to invent things, make things,  and sell thing.  Capital gains taxes are not the problem.

Herb Robinson wants to “lowering the capital gains tax” to stimulate jobs. That proves he doesn’t get it and rules him out.  Perhaps he ought to challenge Scott Brown in a Republican primary.

Alan Khazei ‘…Alan will use [his] experience and an “all hands on deck” approach that leverages the public, private, and non-profit sectors to create good paying jobs and get unemployed Bay Staters back to work. …” ‘

Pretty platitudinous.  At least the quote from Warren put together with other things she has said borders on the substantive.



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