Petraeus’s CIA Fuels Iran Murder Plot

The article Petraeus’s CIA Fuels Iran Murder Plot by Ray McGovern just adds a little fuel to my existing suspicions of the latest Iran imbroglio.

Discussing the call between the alleged plotter and his alleged contact in Iran, the article says:

The call is recounted in the FBI affidavit submitted in support of the criminal charges against Arbabsiar, who is now in U.S. custody, and Shakuri, who is not. But the snippets of that conversation are unclear, discussing what on the surface appears to be a “Chevrolet” car purchase, but which the FBI asserts is code for killing the Saudi ambassador.

The article further goes on to say:

As for Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama, some adult adviser should tell them to quit giving hypocrisy a bad name with their righteous indignation over the thought that no civilized nation would conduct cross-border assassinations.

The Obama administration, like its predecessor, has been dispatching armed drones to distant corners of the globe to kill Islamic militants, including recently U.S. citizen Anwar al-Awlaki for the alleged crime of encouraging violence against Americans.

As I listened to Secretary of State Clinton and the FBI and Justice Department make their statements about all the things they were accusing Iran of doing, it was so easy for me to add “You mean just like the United States?” to each accusation. I was not  exaggerating with my addition.

We certainly want to stop Iran from perpetrating murders in the United States.  To act like they are doing something we would never do and have never done just destroys any credibility that the accusers have.  They would have been wiser to lower their tone of umbrage if they had really wanted the American people to believe them.  Apparently, belief in our government by the American people is not even a thinly veiled necessity anymore.

I have always thought that when you listen to a Republican claim that liberals want to do some heinous thing, you can be assured that they got the idea for making such a charge from something they thought of doing themselves.  Well, at least Obama has learned something from his dealings with the Republicans.  No sense wasting all that torture and assassination plotting when you can get double duty out of it by accusing others of planning to do what you have already thought of and done.

I just realized that I have to add that to be upset that other countries would try to stop us from carrying out murders in their country is the height of obtuseness.  Obtuse on the part of the American public that cannot understand it.  Certainly, our own government leaders are just pretending that they don’t understand.

Even George Bush didn’t believe that they hate us for our freedom.

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