MIT economist: Wall Street created worst recession since WWII

The video below was interesting enough.

I found one comment on the post to be eye-opening about a previously unrecognized by me valuable impact of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

gypski, Wouldn’t you like to know!!!

Well now the academics are coming out with the truth and an honest assessment of what happened. The banks and financial institutions are the cause and should be facing criminal charges. Shake the tree, fruit is bound to fall out.

NJOsprey Collapse

Not as long as Tim Geithner is Treasury Secretary.

Citibank just paid a $280 million fine to the SEC. One junior employee is under further investigation. No executives are under investigation. OWS is having an effect. The comment above was made by Charles Osgood on WCBS, a New York news station.

Slowly, the mainstream media is starting to talk about the Wall Street scandals. Its like the coverage of the Vietnam war; slowly the media was forced to see it for what it was in response to all the demonstrations and calls for withdrawal.

Like the Vietnam “anti-war,” this will take years to correct. Hang in there and we will be able to “hang” the banksters.


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