Targeted by Rove, Warren doubles down on ‘Occupy Wall St.’ support

The Raw Story article Targeted by Rove, Warren doubles down on ‘Occupy Wall St.’ says,

Massachusetts Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren isn’t letting an attack ad by a Karl Rove group dampen her support for Occupy Wall Street.

Here is the video of the interview.

In my previous blog post Karl Rove Attacks Elizabeth Warren, I suggested how she might respond.

One tack I might take in response, is to repeat the parts of the attack ad that showed the agreement with Warren’s claim that “I created much of the intellectual foundation for what they do…” and the ending question “Intellectual foundation for what?” She could step in and say, “Well, I am so glad you asked. I did the basic research and wrote books and made speeches documenting how the ultra-rich rewrote the rules of economic activity over the last 30 years to create a radical redistribution of wealth to the top 1% of the wealthy. Armed with that knowledge, the Occupy movement is asking for their money back.”

She came close enough to my suggestion to satisfy me.

Here is Cenk Uygur’s reaction to Elizabeth Warren’s interview.


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