IAEA Iran Report Spins Intelligence

This interview IAEA Iran Report Spins Intelligence comes from The Real News.  The report is pretty devastating in my opinion.  You have to wait till near the end of the interview to hear the source of this latest “intelligence”.

Why is the Obama administration playing into the hands of the war mongering Republican presidential candidates by promoting this hogwash? Has Hilary Clinton got something incriminating on Obama, or is he really like his bellicose foreign policy?

The article Do Iran’s Objections to the IAEA Report Deserve Consideration? adds further details to what is in the above interview.

The quote below is just one of the added details.

…just how far-fetched are Iran’s claims that the IAEA Directorate General is politically compromised?

…as evidenced in this 2009 diplomatic cable released by Wikileaks, the U.S. had secured the support of IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano in its campaign against the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program as a quid-pro-quo for American support of his candidacy in the wake of Egyptian Nobel Laureate Mohammad El-Baradei’s resignation.


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