Big CIA Bust Reported in Iran

The Truth Dig story Big CIA Bust Reported in Iran, starts with:

This information, we should note, comes from Iran’s state-sponsored news agency, but officials in Tehran said Wednesday they had arrested as many as 12 CIA agents who had been working undercover to gather intelligence about the Iranian nuclear program and what the government planned to do with it.

If Truth Dig were aware of the Seymour hersh story discussed in my previous post Propaganda Driven Hysteria Over Iranian Nuke Program, they might not be so dismissive of the report by the Iranian news agency.

I wonder if this result of the  unmasking of the CIA spy ring was an “aw sh*t” moment for Seymour Hersh.  How do you measure the trade-off of debunking our own propaganda that might lead us to an unnecessary war with the possible disclosure that might have led to the arrest of our spies?

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