Ideal President Obama Replacement

I just discovered the ideal replacement for President Obama.

The Obama giving this speech is the one I wish we had elected. This one really knows what the issues are. I bet he wouldn’t appoint the strongest representatives of Goldman Sachs to head all the top monetary and fiscal positions of his administration. I bet he wouldn’t let the major culprits go unprosecuted for three years. He wouldn’t let the regulatory agencies remain understaffed given the huge level of fraud that needed investigation and prosecution.

A guy like this would have been running around the country for the past three years rallying the masses to mobilize to fight the entrenched interests in Washington.

He missed it in this speech, but I bet in the next speech he would be urging movements like OWS to keep up the pressure. He would have noted how the tone of the debate is suddenly shifting in favor of the 99% since the occupations and demonstrations started. The very fact that the country is finally waking up to the idea of the 1% versus the 99% could not have been done without the citizens vigorously protesting.

If he had time, I bet he would have also mentioned that we are not going to waste another cent on trumped up wars. He wouldn’t ignore the evidence from the intelligence agencies so that as President he could lie to the public about some imagined threat that he knows does not really exist.

Maybe in the next speech he could mention that he would reverse the erosion of our civil rights by people who are using imaginary threats to terrorize us into acquiescence.

Where could we find a person like this who would act in office like the person who ran for that office?

I have just figured out the only way that this Obama could regain the credibility he has lost. This must be done before the election if he wants us to vote for him. He must fire everyone in his administration who ever worked for or cooperated with Goldman Sachs. He must show zero tolerance and no mercy for this connection. Anything less, and what he says are just empty words.

I might make an exception for anyone who was a Goldman Sachs whistle blower and helped put Goldman Sachs managers in prison. Oops, for those criteria to be met there would have had to be at least one prosecution and a conviction.

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