Tell Everyone That Karl Rove’s Latest Attack on Elizabeth Warren Is A Lie

Arm yourself with some knowledge before going on the counter-attack. Make sure you see Elizabeth Warren’s explanation of how ridiculous this attack ad is. Republicans seem to know what is the worst thing they can accuse someone of doing by just accusing them of doing what the Republicans actually did and the person actually fought against.

Facebook makes it extremely difficult to share what Elizabeth Warren said about this ad on her Facebook page, so I will just have to quote it here.

I expected Wall St. to throw everything they had at me in this race; I helped found the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to curb their abuses, after all. But I never did imagine they’d fund an ad attacking me as being their own ally. Watch me discuss the irony of their latest attack on Lawrence O’Donnell last night. What do you think?

Simon Johnson has written about Karl Rove’s Latest Attack on Elizabeth Warren.

Ms. Warren became chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel (COP) for TARP, precisely because people in Congress – on both sides of the aisle – trusted her to provide an honest and professional check on the support provided to financial firms.  She did her highest profile work during the Obama administration, bringing relentless pressure on the Treasury and other agencies who just wanted to prop up big firms without any conditions.

What Elizabeth Warren did was “bringing relentless pressure on the Treasury and other agencies who just wanted to prop up big firms without any conditions”  yet “the ad attempts to blame Ms. Warren for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) and for bank bailouts.”

When Rove can accuse her of being for something that she fought against tooth and nail, this is something that all the people who know the truth must shout down as loudly as they can.

Remember The top 1% have the money, the other 99% have the people. Start putting in your effort to shout this down.  Use this opportunity to make it very well known what Elizabeth Warren really did.  Make sure that every one knows that the Rove ad is a lie.

Don’t sit idly by while the 1% lie about the most effective advocate of the 99% that we have ever had the chance to elect to the Senate.  If you fall for this lie or don’t help save other people from the lie, how will you look yourself in the mirror?

I’ll try to keep track of some of the items I find on the web that refute the ad.

Ad Twists Elizabeth Warren’s Role as TARP Watchdog – ABC News
What the ad doesn’t mention is that the Congressional Oversight Panel, under Warren, became known for reports that were critical of the way the Treasury Department implemented the bailout program, who received funds, and the lack of transparency.
Warren Strikes Back at Karl Rove on TARP Ad – ABC News
“I can’t find the right words to describe how wrong that is, factually wrong and morally wrong,” Warren told the Boston Herald today. ”Karl Rove is not telling the truth, and I think anyone who is not telling the truth shouldn’t be running ads in this race.”
Elizabeth Warren slaps down Karl Rove, latest attack ad –
The poll found that her unfavorable ratings rose by 9 percent due to attack ads.
Brian McGrory: Political mudslinging: A reason to change the channelThe Boston Globe
The latest television attack ad against Elizabeth Warren, a spot funded by an outside group that is so unapologetically cynical, so full of absurd distortions, that it should stand apart from everything else going on these days. Problem is, it fits right in.
Elizabeth Warren blasts ‘ridiculous’ charge in ad by Karl Rove groupThe Los Angeles Times
Amazingly enough I had to find out about this rebuttal ad from The Los Angeles Times
Winning the argumentThe Washington Post
The ad also alleges — as a negative — that Warren went on a “charm offensive” with Wall Street fat cats. That’s a reference to a Politico article on a U.S. Chamber of Commerce event, where Warren sought common ground with top business figures at a moment when they were furious with her.
Elizabeth Warren versus Karl Rove and the one percentThe Washington Post
But Warren seems determined to hit back hard, and to seize on these attacks to reframe the race on her own terms — as her versus Wall Street and its crew of political henchmen and errand boys.
Super PAC Crossroads GPS takes swipe at Elizabeth Warren’s response to latest ad –

In an interview with the Boston Herald, Warren said that Rove along with then President George Bush helped craft the Troubled Asset Relief Program from the beginning, a claim the PAC disputes.

Professor Warren’s response shows how asleep at the switch she was when the Democrat-led Congress passed the Wall Street bailouts in 2008 and 2009 and put her in charge of overseeing them – more than a year after Karl Rove had left the White House,” Steven Law, president and CEO of Crossroads GPS, said in a statement.

The Democratic led Congress was stampeded by Bush’s Treasury Secretary Henry Paulsen a former CEO of Goldman Sachs into passing an emergency measure to prevent global financial collapse. Maybe Karl somehow forgot this.

Rove’s Hit Job for Scott Brown: The Year’s Most Ridiculous Attack Ad – Huffington Post
Karl Rove is spending a lot of money trying to help his close friend Sen. Scott Brown, but his ads just aren’t passing the laugh test. Just last week, an ad from Rove’s Crossroads GPS was saying Elizabeth Warren was too radical because she was so close
Crossroads: Elizabeth Warren responsible for bank bailouts – CBS News
In a 2009 interview with the Daily Beast, Warren emphasized her opposition to allowing banks to get “too big to fail.”

“There are a lot of ways to regulate ‘too big to fail’ financial institutions: break them up, regulate them more closely, tax them more aggressively, insure them, and so on. And I’m totally in favor of increased regulatory scrutiny of these banks,” she began. “But those are all regulatory tools. Regulations, over time, fail. I want to see Congress focus more on a credible system for liquidating the banks that are considered too big to fail.”

Of the “charm offensive,” the Crossroads GPS ad points to a March 2011 Politico article describing Warren’s efforts to find “common ground” with the Chamber of Commerce and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a consumer watchdog agency created with the 2010 Dodd-Frank financial reform bill. Warren, who conceived of the CFPB and had at one point hoped to head it, reached out to a number of CFPB critics in an attempt to win over the opposition.

Still, she did not apologize for her pro-regulatory stance.

Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Scott Brown both denounce latest Crossroads GPS ad –

Democratic Senate hopeful Elizabeth Warren and rival Republican Sen. Scott Brown‘s campaign have both denounced the latest negative ad released by the Karl Rove backed Crossroads GPS political action committee, although Brown added a barb for the Harvard professor.

Senator Brown has made it clear that he wishes third-party groups on both sides would keep their negative ads out of Massachusetts,” said Jim Barnett, Brown’s campaign manager. “Regrettably, Professor Warren has cheered on negative attack ads against Scott Brown, and refuses to join his call for outside groups to stop interfering.”

Warren said previously that she believes “a blanket notion that nobody talks except the two candidates is not within the spirit of how democratic elections work.”

Brown, however, called for all outside groups to keep out of the Senate race in Massachusetts.

Elizabeth Warren, Wall Street ShillMother Jones
I see that Karl Rove’s PAC unveiled a preposterously deceptive ad yesterday claiming that Elizabeth Warren is unfit for the Senate because she’s….wait for it….too close to Wall Street. Yes, you read that right. Here on Earth Prime, of course, Warren is perhaps one of the financial industry’s most loathed figures. Saying she’s too close to Wall Street is sort of like saying Ralph Nader is too close to General Motors because, you know, he spent a whole year researching a book about the car industry.
Karl Rove Super PAC: Elizabeth Warren Is A Class Warrior AND She’s Too Cozy With Wall StreetBusiness Insider

Conservatives know that they don’t like Elizabeth Warren, but they can’t seem to decide why.

After weeks of slamming the Democratic Massachusetts Senate candidate as a radical class warrior, Republicans are trying a new line of attack. Crossroads GPS, the Karl Rove-funded super PAC, is out with a new ad this week that slams Warren for abandoning the middle class to get cozy with big banks.

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