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I might as well put on my own blog some of the things I have been posting on Elizabeth Warren’s Facebook Page.

With regard to the hit piece broadcast on NPR, Mass. Senate Race A Battle Over Who’s More Populist : NPR, I commented as follows:

What can you expect of NPR? To get their money from Congress they have been moving rightward for years.

What bothers me about the Warren campaign is that they are trying to fight Brown on his turf of hard luck. She made that pitch, and now she should move on.

The two videos I posted are her best arguments for why she should be our Senator, not Scott Brown, yet the campaign refuses to use them. I even told Elizabeth Warren at a party in Westborough that she should highlight these videos on her website. She said she would speak to her staff about the idea which sounded good to her.

I gave up waiting, and posted the videos myself.

I think Warren’s professional political advisers are not serving her well.

As I mentioned in one of the comments about the videos, she actually predicted in 2004 how the economy would collapse. Even most of her fervent admirers are unaware of her foresight. And yet, her campaign won’t use this potent information.

I cannot blame NPR for that. She has evidence to disprove everything they say, but she won’t use it.

It is up to her supporters to insist that she play her best game. The one she knows in her gut she needs to play, but bad advice is stopping her from doing it. Do we have to Occupy Elizabeth Warren Campaign to change this?

When I posted the video of The Coming Collapse of the Middle Class, I added the comment:

Do you suppose that Scott Brown has a clue as to what Elizabeth Warren is talking about in this video?

When I posted the video of Elizabeth Warren – The Two Income Trap: Why Middle-Class Mothers and Fathers Are Going Broke, I added the comment:

If you watch the video, you can see Warren in 2004 predict the collapse of the economy. Did Scott Brown have the foresight to predict this while Bush was still in office? Does Elizabeth Warren therefor have a better chance of knowing how to fix what is wrong than Scott Brown?

Another post I made was:

Some middle class people are willing to give up their lives for their country to fight wars in Iran and Afghanistan.

If a rich person taking in $90,000 a month in income won’t consent to paying an extra $200 a month to support our country’s needs, what does that say about the patriotism of the rich? This is what the House Republican Tea Party is fighting over.

At least Scott Brown finally has the guts to recognize the injustice of one thing his party is fighting for. Even he is urging the House to come to its collective senses.

Another post was:

One of the things that most politicians, at least progressive ones, seem to forget is that the most important job of a politician is to educate the voters on the crucial matters that the country faces.

If through this education process, they have a large majority of the voters backing the solutions that they want to implement, then the electorate will be inoculated against the crazy propaganda that will be used to stop their efforts to solve the country’s problems in ways the 1% don’t like.

Obama has failed miserably in this. He has gone into the fight with the Republicans, but has left all his troops at home.

With Elizabeth Warren’s background and all the research, book writing, and lecturing she has done on the economic ills of this country, I figured shoe was perfectly equipped to do the job most progressive politicians fail to do. This is why I was in favor of her run for Senate even before she knew she wanted to do it.

It is frustrating for me to watch her at a gathering where people are anxiously trying to explain to her the economic problems they face when she knows far more about what has been done to them to cause their problems than even they know.

So when Elizabeth Warrren fails to use this information that she has been talking about for years, I am completely dumbfounded.

She must remember that not only does she have to win this election, but she has to be an effective Senator when she wins. Educating the public is part of the job she must do in order to be able to help govern effectively.

Somehow the professional political advisers know all about winning elections, but seem to know nothing about laying the intellectual foundations for governing effectively.

Why else would they have prevented her from explaining what intellectual foundation she laid so that the OWS would know what they needed to fight against.

One of the things I have not posted yet is the wish that she would use a polished version of the following sound bite:

It is not because I am a Harvard Professor that I understand the economic forces working against the middle class. It is because I have researched, written, and lectured about the economic forces working against the middle class, that I am qualified to be a Harvard Professor.

Well, I just posted it.

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