Marisa DeFranco For U.S. Senate from Massachusetts

I have realized since the October 4, 2011 Democratic Senatorial debate in Lowell, that Marisa DeFranco knows how to stand up and defend her principles.  It was not actually a debate, because it had unreasonable time limits on the length of response, and the surprise and often off-the-wall questions that were posed.  I remarked about the debate and posted a link to the video of the debate in the previous post Warren shines in debate debut where I  expressed my disagreement with the headline.  I expressed praise for the way Marisa DeFranco performed.

I have decided that the lackluster performance of Warren was not a one-time failing, but possibly a deliberate campaign tactic.  I have also come to realize that the Warren campaign does not feel the necessity to change how the message is presented or what issues she backs away from.

So why resist anymore volunteering for Marisa DeFranco who seems to be more of the person I thought I was getting when I first discovered Elizabeth Warren way before she ran for Senate?  That old Elizabeth Warren is not running in this race.  If anything, the old Elizabeth Warren has been reincarnated in the DeFranco campaign.

You can access the DeFranco web site at and her Facebook page at  You can also follow her on twitter at!/marisadefranco.

Here is a political button from the DeFranco Facebook website that captures my feelings.

Political Button

Here is my version of the button.


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