Naomi Wolf on Your Obligation to Protest

I discovered this video of Naomi Wolf’s appearance on Countdown With Keith Olbermann at a most opportune moment.

I just read the UPI story Obama reluctantly signs defense bill. In talking about Obama’s criticisms of the bill, the story goes on to say the following:

Many of his criticisms revolve around the detention of foreign and U.S. prisoners and the potential for weakening a president’s authority in such situations.

“I want to clarify that my administration will not authorize the indefinite military detention without trial of American citizens,” he said.

Naomi Wolf’s statements show why Obama’s mild objections and unenforceable promises are so dangerous. Remember, that Obama promised to veto this bill if it had the objectionable clauses. Why we should have believed this promise when it was his administration that wanted those clauses in the bill (as reported by Senator Carl Levin), I don’t know.

Could Obama consider his re-election in 2012 to be the start of a new administration that is not bound to the promise above that he gave for his current administration? What about the powers this bill gives to presidents who come after Obama?

I just cannot ever give a vote to a man who allowed this pernicious bill to pass when he could have at least vetoed it. Even if the Congress would have overridden his veto, the veto would have been a strong statement.


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