How America And The Mainstream Media Got Breitbarted On NDAA

Tangelia Sinclair-Moore pointed me to the article How America And The Mainstream Media Got Breitbarted On NDAA to demonstrate to me that I got “Breitbarted On NDAA.”

The article shows the original video clip which we were shown to give us the impression that Carl Levin claimed the administration was pushing for permission to allow indefinite detention provisions be allowed to apply to U.S. Citizens.  Another video is shown of Carl Levin making his final pitch before the entire Senate in support of the bill.  It seems pretty clear from this much longer video that if Carl Levin ever believed what we thought he said in the other video, he does not believe it now.  It would have been more definitive to have showed us how that original video was manipulated to give us a false impression.  However, I am convinced until somebody can show me that the original video did not give a false impression.

As one who was able to compare the distorted video clips of what Rev. Wright said to the entire video that contained his remarks, I have no doubt that it is easy to turn somedody’s ideas completely up-side-down by diabolical editing.

The web site above even quotes a Mother Jones article to the effect that:

    It does not, contrary to what many media outlets have reported, authorize the president to indefinitely detain without trial an American citizen suspected of terrorism who is captured in the US. A last minute compromise amendment adopted in the Senate, whose language was retained in the final bill, leaves it up to the courts to decide if the president has that power, should a future president try to exercise it. But if a future president does try to assert the authority to detain an American citizen without charge or trial, it won’t be based on the authority in this bill….

The language in the bill that relates to the detention authority as far as US citizens and permanent residents are concerned is, “Nothing in this section shall be construed to affect existing law or authorities relating to the detention of United States citizens, lawful resident aliens of the United States, or any other persons who are captured or arrested in the United States.”

To me, this all means that I can give President Obama a pass on not vetoing the NDAA as he suggested he would.

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