Marisa DeFranco: Best Senatorial Candidate Untamed By Professional Handlers

If you didn’t catch Marisa DeFranco’s appearance on the WGBH show Greater Boston, I have the video clip here.

You can access the DeFranco web site at and her Facebook page at You can also follow her on twitter at!/marisadefranco.

Not only do I like the message that she has about what her campaign is all about, but I also like the fact that she is not afraid to deliver it. She manages to explain, in the short amount of time that she is given, what she believes needs to be done and why it will work.

With her you know where she stands. She also explains the factors you may not have known that explain why her plan will work. The opposition will of course try to convince you of something else, but at least you have something to hang your hat on when you try to think whether or not DeFranco or her opposition is more likely to be right.

On this blog, I tend to focus on economic theory and sometimes try to make everyday analogies to explain what all that means. Marisa DeFranco has a way of just cutting to the chase and giving you what you need to know. That is why she is running, and I am not. (Of course there are many other reasons, too.)

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