President Obama in the State of the Union

The Whitehouse web site has a page devoted to President Obama in the State of the Union .  Here is the enhanced video of his speech.

If you liked his initiation of a Wall Street investigation and/or his call for fair taxation of the wealthy, you can express you’re opinion on the Whitehouse Facebook page.

It is no longer enough to vote every four years and watch his speeches with silent approval. To back the President in initiatives with which you agree, you have to express your agreement in a visible manner. Any opposition to the President must be made aware of the millions of voters who want him to do what he has promised. The President and his advisers must be made equally aware that we will hold him to his promises.

Note that the President is having a tough time getting around the obstructionism of a minority of Senators. The rules of the Senate allow only 41 of 100 Senators to block the consideration of any legislation. The Republicans joyfully block every initiative of the President and show their disrespect for him every chance they get. An investigation of the crimes of the major supporters of this obstructionist party is being initiated by the President without the need for approval from Congress. Perhaps moves like these are what is needed to wake up these obstructionists and their supporters. Perhaps they will start to listen to reason when the President shows them that he can still use his powers to set things right even if the Congress does not want to cooperate.

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