Bob McDonnell: GOP Governors Deserve Credit For The Recovery, Not Obama

Apparently some real eye-opening information came out on today’s State Of The Union program on CNN. Talking Points Memo headlined it as, Bob McDonnell: GOP Governors Deserve Credit For The Recovery, Not Obama.

Virginia Governor and Mitt Romney surrogate Bob McDonnell (R) on Sunday floated what may turn into a Republican talking point if the economy continues to improve: It wasn’t President Obama who made it happen, it was the GOP governors.

“Look, I’m glad the economy is starting to recover, but I think it’s because of what Republican governors are doing in their states, not because of the president,” McDonnell said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

I can hardly wait to hear what the Republican governors are doing to help the economy recover.  They could claim that by balancing state budgets and laying off hundreds of thousands of state employees, that the newly unemployed stimulated the economy.  They could claim that by attacking workers rights, that the new lower pay and benefits the workers received helped stimulate the economy.  They could claim that stealing companies and their jobs from other states by offering companies tax cut incentives to relocate that they stimulated the national economy.

Maybe the above points are not their claims to success.  Surely they must have some hard evidence to back up their claims.  Of course it is interesting that states like Massachusetts with a Democratic governor and state legislature are leading the recovery.  So enticing companies away from Massachusetts with their state government bailouts in some way is helping Massachusetts.  Maybe they are just taking the bad companies off of our hands.

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