Senate votes today on anti-union FAA bill. Tell Democrats not to cave.

The Dailykos has the article, Senate votes today on anti-union FAA bill. Tell Democrats not to cave.

The Senate votes today on the Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill—and as much as we need the FAA funded and open, we need 41 votes against this version of the bill. Since last summer, Democrats have stood strong against Republican attempts to make it all but impossible for airline workers to join unions through a provision that would have counted people who didn’t vote in union representation elections as having voted no. But now, Harry Reid and Jay Rockefeller, the majority leader and the chair of the Senate Commerce Committee, have signed off on a “compromise” proposed by Republicans. If you know one thing about today’s congressional Republicans, though, you can guess it’s no compromise. As Dave Johnson writes:

If you start with a bill that says, “kill all the unions, kill all the unions, kill all the unions, kill all the unions” and take out one “kill all the unions” is that a compromise? The unions are still killed three times over.

The Republicans would have you believe that the decline of unions comes from free market forces. They don’t want you to know about how hard they work in Congress to kill the unions. If you catch them red-handed they will still say, “Oh no, not me. I didn’t do it. The workers themselves chose to have the right to work without a union.”

Lest you think that I am blindly pro-union, let me remind you that this is just another case of avoiding true/false political decisions, but always asking how much of a certain policy you need. No doubt there have been times in the past where the unions have not exercised restraint and the laws were tipped in their favor. If we go back to that era again, I will be one of the first to say we have gone too far. However, in this era the scales have been tipped wildly out of balance in the other direction.

This is another case where certain policies stances have a time and a place. There may be a time to take a stance of reigning in union power, but this is not that time. Don’t make a mistake of sticking with an ingrained policy whose time has come and gone and has not yet returned.

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