The Testimony Chairman Issa Doesn’t Want You to Hear

Why do they call it a hearing when they have no intention of hearing anything but their own echo? Maybe it should be called a tirading instead of a hearing.

If you wait for the punchline of the video, you will see why the committee needed to hear this exact testimony. It would have explained to them something that they had forgotten to consider. What if choosing the laws to ignore based on your moral beliefs interferes with another person’s ability to stay healthy?

On the MoveOn web site, they explain The Powerful Testimony The GOP Doesn’t Want You To Hear.

Today, an all male ‘witness’ panel was allowed to speak at the GOP’s hearing examining the Obama administration’s new regulation requiring employers and insurers to provide contraception coverage to employees. When Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke was presented to testify on behalf of the Minority, she was shown the door. She would have been the only female voice speaking on behalf of the millions of women who support access to birth control. Here is the basis of her testimony, had she been allowed to speak.

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