Rachel Maddow Explains What Rush Limbaugh Does Not Understand About Sex

It takes a little less than 20 minutes for Rachel Maddow to get around to explaining exactly what Rush Limbaugh fails to understand about sex.

Now, I am a guy, too, if you hadn’t noticed, but I knew exactly the mistake Limbaugh made as soon as he started spouting off about it. Maybe nerd engineers know more about female biology than most people give them credit for. How many guys are going to be embarrassed if they have female significant others or have sisters or mothers who have to explain the birds and the bees to them?

Watch the whole thing to see what Mitt Romney, with all his children, doesn’t seem to know either. I guess it is like driving a car. You don’t really need to know how cars work to be able to drive one.

Do you suppose there are many guys in Limbaugh’s audience that understand the gaffe that he made without Rachel Maddow having to explain it to them? Maybe there are even some women in his audience that don’t know how to take a birth control pill either. And some people say we don’t need the Planned Parenthood organization to explain stuff like this.

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