Obama scolds Republican foes on Iran

Without a subscription, you can still access The Boston Globe story, Obama scolds Republican foes on Iran. Let me just emphasize one paragraph that appears near the end of the story.

The nation’s top spy, James R. Clapper, told Congress in January the nation’s 16 intelligence agencies have concluded that while Iran is laying the groundwork for a bomb, there is no evidence it has made the decision to actually build a weapon.

I just quote this paragraph to prove to readers of this blog that I am not fantasizing when I say that our intelligence agencies don’t even believe the saber rattling that Obama sometimes spews.

Finally, at least, in this press conference, Obama tries to quell the war mongering that he started.

If you cannot get the rest of the story from The Boston Globe, you can get it from the McClatchy article Obama defends Iran policy, charges Republican rivals of politicizing issue.

The mention of the testimony of the nation’s top spy does not appear in the McClatchy story. Maybe only the truly left-wing radical papers like The Boston Globe and The Los Angeles Times dare to print the truth about what our intelligence agencies say about Iran.  (I hope you can detect the sarcasm in my statement about the two newspapers.  After all The Boston Globe is owned by the chief war mongering newspaper in the country, The New York Times. What I just said about The New York Times is not sarcasm, but merely the truth.)


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