What Kind Of Senator Would Elizabeth Warren Be?

I have been reading the packet of information that the Warren campaign gives out about what it means to be a Volunteer Team Leader.  One sentence really stands out for me.

It is Elizabeth’s belief that this campaign is not solely about an election in November, but rather a grassroots effort to build a collective voice to bring to Washington in January to overpower the special interests that have become so entrenched in our society.

That is exactly what I believe, too.  That is why a group of us in Sturbridge have banded together to be that collective voice.  Right now we are concentrating our efforts on getting Elizabeth Warren elected to the Senate.  However, we expect to continue our efforts long after the election is over.

I have said it on this blog in many ways – A good politician needs the voters to continue to force that politician to do the right thing after the politician gets elected.  I think the politician’s stand for supporting a policy is greatly enhanced when she can tell her colleagues that her constituents will be outraged if the policy is defeated.  I don’t think anything can get the run-of-the-mill politician’s attention as quickly as an outraged constituency.

Say what you will about either the Tea Party Movement or the Occupy Movement – they have give us recent proof of the power of an outraged constituency.  Of course, the Tea Party’s rage has been harnessed, fomented, and financially supported by exactly the people that do them the most harm.  When the Tea Party figures this out, and starts realizing that the Occupy Movement is fighting the same forces they are without having been captured by those forces, we may have a very powerful coalition.

See my previous post Elizabeth Warren – “I cannot do this alone” which is a nice complement to this one.

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