Elizabeth Warren Video on Sturbridge Public Access Television

You may want to catch one of the showings of the video

Elizabeth Warren at MNW Alliance 01/02/2012

Elizabeth Warren, Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate, speaking to several hundred people at a meeting of the Middlesex, Norfolk, and Worcester Democratic Alliance on January 2, 2012, in Franklin, MA.

The program will be shown tomorrow (Thursday, April 19) at 10:05am, 2:06pm and 8:05pm.  I believe that it will be on Channel 12, the channel for public programming, public bulletin board (non-profit only) and all non-government community information.

Please spread the word.

If you cannot see one of these screenings or ones that may occur in the future, there is a three part video on YouTube that covers the same event.

  • Elizabeth Warren at MNW Alliance 01/02/2012 On Grassroots Government

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