Wisconsin Recall Election Tests Strategies for November

The New York Times has an article Recall Election Tests Strategies for November.

The combination of the squeeze on state budgets, high rates of unemployment and the conservative movement’s revived energy provided an opening for Republican efforts, often business-backed, to promote tough-on-labor legislation in key states. Those efforts have succeeded in rolling back gains made by unions over decades, prompting vows from labor to fight back with newly engaged members shaken from self-described complacency.

Ah, so this explains the Massachusetts Postal Worker’s rumored support of Scott Brown over Elizabeth Warren.  Maybe you have to be a masochist to work for the post office.

Or is it the amazing technique perfected by the Republicans of facing you with a smile while reaching behind you to stab you in the back.  You feel the pain, but you just don’t know who is inflicting it on you.  If there is a Democrat behind you, then you think the Democrats are the cause.

“Republican war on women?  What Republican war on women?  How dare you bring this up when we are keeping college loan interest rates low by taking money from women’s health care.  Give me a break.” – rough translation of Speaker Boehner’s rebuttal of Nancy Pelosi.

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